How does delivery work?

1. search restaurant

2. select your Meal

3. sit back, relax & eat

What does it cost?

delivery fee minimum $3.00Gratuity added 15% (driver)
Who do I pay?
pay us when food arrives cash, check, credit & paypal

Central Town Location Heart of Incline Village.

From Farm to Table 

Located in the heart of Incline Village Nevada is togofork. Enjoy 100% Organic smoothies, juices and plenty of unique take-out and delivery foods.  For dessert grab a yogurt or a coffee for the mountain or lake with your meal.  Togofork was created to provide a unique menu designed for take-out and delivery.  Need DELIVERY yeah we do that too.  Any Restaurant any time.

  • Locally Sourced Produce
  • Great Prices 
  • Vegan & Gluten Friendly 
  • Hydroponic sustained grows
  • Open Late Midnight 7 days 
  • Got a farm contact our chef
  • Environment friendly togo


Eat breakfast here or there. Choose from togofork's fruit smoothies, juice bar and yogurt bowls or order delivery from multiple restaurants in Incline Village, Kings Beach and more... Early birds get the worm in Lake Tahoe so grab a coffee or Juice for the trails and the beach. Togofork loves coupons and discounts so bring a friend for the local yocal special. Delivery for breakfast you bet. We start delivering at 6am for breakfast.  If the restaurant does take-out then we deliver it. Check for locations here


Eat dinner here or there.  With over 150 restaurants in Lake tahoe and Truckee we have plenty to choose from.  Pizza is great but thai is better.  You can have your pizza and eat it too. Mofos, Azzaras, BarBarBar Bullpen, Dimaggios and Pizza Bella in Kings Beach.  We let the customers decide where they want to eat. If the restaurant   does take-out then we deliver. In most cases we tip the server, hostess, manager or owner to receive the food.  For as little as $4.99 delivery fee and 15% gratuity you can have your food and eat it too.  Yummy


Eat Lunch here or there. Togofork menu is designed to keep you going no bonking allowed.  Our chef has created foods to be easy for take-out and delivery while keeping you full of energy without the blood sugar spikes that lead to bonkville just south of napland. We have vegan & gluten friendly wraps and sandwiches that are made fresh daily.Our  world class local vendors such as truckee sourdough co. keep things local. Delivery of your favorite restaurant menus start at 11:30 click here to view.    

Choose from any 

restaurant for delivery. Delivery times 30 min 

to 60 min. OPEN 

 5pm to 10pm  7 days a weekTogofork 

Smoothie, Juice & Eatery Now OPEN 9am to 4pm.

Lake Tahoe restaurant delivery Service with 100's of menu's & cuisines to choose from including togofork's Juice, smoothie & Eatery.
togofork "Eat Here. Eat There."  

775 833 3463